Our Pastor

Pastor Joachim Wilck was born in Saltzgitter-Lebenstedt, Germany. He grew up in North Tonawanda, NY, where he graduated from North Tonawanda High School. Pastor Wilck is a 1972 graduate of the State University of New York at Fredonia with a degree in Secondary Education English. Upon his graduation from the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, PA., in 1976, he was called as Associate Pastor at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Buffalo, NY.

In 1981, Pastor Wilck was called as Pastor of the First Lutheran Church in Strasburg, OH. Following a five-year tenure in Strasburg, he served congregations in Springfield, St. Mary’s, and Van Wert, OH.

The Lutheran Church of Our Saviour selected Pastor Wilck to lead our ministry in 2004. Pastor Wilck is known for his inspirational and heartfelt sermons. Pastor Joachim Wilck, his wife, Deborah, and two teens grandchildren reside in North Chili, NY.

Pastor may be reached by calling the Church Office or his email at pastor@oursaviourrochester.org