You are invited to join your friends and neighbors at the Lutheran Church of Our Saviour as we celebrate God’s love for all people and work faithfully to carry out God’s purpose in this world.

Large enough to support diverse ministries and activities, but small enough to provide a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere, we are an active, people-centered church. Our Saviour is a church undertaking mission and ministry, gathering for worship and the grace God gives through sacraments, helping others in need, learning about God’s grace in our lives, serving God and God’s people.

Holy Communion

Holy Communion is celebrated the second and fourth Sundays of every month and on all major festivals.

Sunday School

Sunday School classes are open to all children and youth starting at age 3 up through high school. Sunday School starts at 10:30 AM with a children’s worship service. The children then proceed to their classes where they hear this week’s story and participate in a activity and craft related to the story, ending their classes at 11:30. Sunday School classes run from September through June.

Bible Classes

Bible classes are offered every Monday at 7:00 PM and every Tuesdays at 10:00 AM, and run from September through June.

The Lutheran Church of Our Saviour is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).


Church Brochure : LCOS-brochure_06-13

Handicapped accessible

Audio Loop (T-Coil) and Low Power FM Broadcast for Hearing Impaired

This week at the Lutheran Church of Our Saviour

April 14—19

Monday                             Boy Scouts in recess

Tuesday                             Bible Study in recess

Wednesday                        Confirmation Classes in recess

Thursday                          Noon Maundy Thursday Service

                                           7:30 PM Maundy Thursday Service

Friday                          Noon German Service

        (The audio recording of the German Service will be available on our web-page)

                                          7:30 PM Good Friday Tenebrae Service

Saturday                           8:30 AM Adult Choir

                                          9:30 AM Bell Choir Rehearsal

                                          10:30 AM LYO Set up for Garage Sale

9-24-12 018 IMG_0290WestLCOS-MAP

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